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Download this code and read the following tutorial in order to make your own animations hud that won’t require you to rezz objects or use poseballs to perform animations!

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What is a HUD?

A HUD, the acronym for ”Heads Up Display” is a form of an interface that projects a display on your point of view.

Example of a HUD:

3d animasyonlar hud

This hud allows your avatar to sit, have a cool walk or just chill in a certain pose.

3d animasyonlar hud

This hud lets you use start affectionate animations anywhere in Second Life.

Why are HUDs useful?

HUDs enable you to immediately see important information, statistics or perform certain actions. HUDs for example show the amount of bullets, mana or money left.

HUDs also allow you to immediately perform certain actions such as casting spells, take items out of your inventory or create something! This saves time, and makes things much easier, you won’t have to type in lines of commands in your chatbox to smoothly defeat dragons!

What makes HUDs useful for Second Life?

In Second Life an avatar can’t just roam around use objects, toys and battle opponents just like in any other videogame because land is mostly privately owned and can be restricted by its owner in what is allowed.

Some lands don’t allow for talking over the microphone while others don’t allow the use of scripted items such as cars and furniture.

Most often the basic problem boils down to the inability to place your items on the ground for you to use.

A way to get around this problem is the use of HUDs. By wearing a HUD you can circumvent part of the problem and still shoot, jump, fly, kiss, change clothes and do whatever even if you’re not allowed to place objects on the land you’re currently standing on!

This makes HUDs ideal for use in items such as guns, clothes and 3d animations.

A lot of HUDs for example have romantic 3d animations that allow you and your partner to show affection anywhere in the virtual world!

By completing this tutorial you will be be able to build your own HUD.

Building the HUD is done with AZN’s 3D Animation Maker.

If you like this tutorial and are intent on making HUDs using this tutorial and you want to show your support to its creator please donate by purchasing the HUD here!


To create your first HUD you need land where you can ”rezz” (place items on the ground). You can find free sandboxes that can accomodate you.

Second you will need the HUD animation script. You can get the code here.

List of sandboxes:

Adult Sandbox

Mature Sandbox

General Sandbox (non adult!)

You can try these as a starting point. You can also search for ”sandboxes” in your Second Life viewer to find other options more suitable to your needs. Making erotic items require adult sandboxes for example.

After you’ve made your first, working HUD you can simply rename the buttons to your 3d animations and drag and drop the 3d animations in the HUD while you’re wearing it.

No more searching for other suitable sandboxes!

Let’s get started

Now that you’ve finally settled on a place and are anxiously waiting for your HUD to come alive follow these steps!

Step one: rezz blocks

Rezz a block on the floor. Depending on the amount of animations you want to include in your hud you can rezz extra blocks. To make a HUD with four 3d animations you would need to rezz five blocks in total. Resize the blocks that represent your animations a bit smaller as you will have to paste them on the frame (the big block) of the hud.

3d animasyonlar hud

Step two: texture blocks

Flatten all the blocks and place them over the big block. Give the big block a different texture than the small blocks. I recommend you texture the small blocks with a number. That way you can easily tell how many different animations the HUD has. You can use anything you like even pictures. Just upload your images into Second Life and edit each individual block by right clicking it, selecting and clicking ”texture” and editing the texture to a background colour for the big block that you’d like to have for your hud, and individual images for the small blocks to represent the different animations.

3d animasyonlar hud

3d animasyonlar hud

Step three: name blocks

Rename the small blocks’ name with the exact name of the animation you are going to put into said block and the description with ”Anim0” (Anim-zero).

For example: I will be making a dance hud with four pirouette animations. block 1 will be named pirouette1 with the description ”Anim0” block 2 will be named pirouette2 and Anim0 etc (the animations are named pirouette1 to 4 in my inventory).

3d animasyonlar hud

Step four: link blocks

Flatten your blocks and arrange them in an order on the big flattened block.

3d animasyonlar hud

When you’ve finally set up it up the way you like you can select all the blocks with Shift + Left Click and hit CTRL+L to link them together.

Make sure to select and link the big block, the ”frame” of your HUD, last! If you did this correctly, when right clicking your HUD it will glow yellow instead of blue!


You have now finished the basic layout of your hud!

3d animasyonlar hud

Step five: add script

Rename your linked hud by right clicking it and choosing a name that will let you easily find it in your inventory! This one will be named ”pirouette dance hud”.

After naming it please right click the HUD again and select contents -> new script. Once you have done this the HUD will immediately become active and say hello!

3d animasyonlar hud

Step six: coding!

Don’t worry, you won’t actually have to code use the notepad file you’ve downloaded from our hud tutorial package.

Right click the HUD once more and go to contents.

Right click and open the script.

3d animasyonlar hud


Now you’ll also see how it could greet you in the first place by using the command

”llSay(0, ”Hello Avatar!”);

Replace the text in the script with the code from the notepad file.

3d animasyonlar hud

Step seven: import animations

Drag the animations from your inventory into the HUDs’ contents together with the script. Go back to step three to double check!

3d animasyonlar hud

Step eight: final step

Right click the HUD and select ”put on” -> ”attach HUD” -> center.

Now the hud will come in full point of view.

Don’t worry if you only see a uniformally coloured square: simply right click the HUD -> edit -> rotate.

3d animasyonlar hud

Resize and shuffle the HUD around on your interface untill it suits you. Hit the buttons to test it (sometimes you’ll need to double tap) and voilá, a working animation HUD that doesn’t require you to use other peoples lands or use poseballs in order to perform certain animations!

End notes

If you’ve enjoyed this tutorial and wish to start building your own animated HUD you can browse our store for several .bvh animation files that you can upload in Second Life or other games!

Check out our marketplace Burada to see what we have made using this wonderful technology.

Happy building!