New: Second Life and Opensim Tip Jar Script!

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Our team has been busy with Second Life Script! Always thinking, tinkering and toying with new products, we can finally announce we are branching out into scripting!

Our first tip jar script is available in our webshop or on the Second Life Marketplace!

note: the marketplace version doesn’t feature the actual code as opensource! you can use it, but won’t see the scripting behind it. If you want to use the code and edit it yourself to make your own version of the tip jar: buy the file in our webshop!

What scripting language is used in Second Life and Opensim?

For this tip jar, the Linden Script Language or, lsl, is used. It is the programming language that powers all functions in Second Life and Opensim.

The structure of lsl is largely based on java and c. You can read more about it in this tutorial on their wiki page.

Second Life Tip Jar Script Functions

Our tip jar script has the following functionalities:

  1. The object can automatically show the profile picture of the last avatar to have tipped it.
  2. Secured usage; this means that the tip jar can only be accessed by logging in and logging in can be limited to:
    1. its owner or,
    2. members of the owners group or,
    3. public use
  3. The tip jar script shows the following statistics:
    1. Total amount tipped
    2. The biggest tip given to date
    3. The last person to tip
  4. An extension called SocialJar is available. SocialJar lets you relay the tip messages automatically to your group chat. This will increase group activity and tipping activity, and increases your revenue! You can see and read bout this version here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any questions: or inworld at Trebbort Subagja.

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