unity sex animations Sex animations for use in virtual worlds and other software applications

bvh sex animations for blender, second life, unity and other virtual worlds and games.

Making Blender, Unity 3d, Maya 3d or Unreal Engine mocap sex animations can be a painstaking process. By using our pre-made .bvh motion capture sex animations you can get a headstart on creating your own adult content for your games or other virtual projects.

Our sex animations in action

To see what you can do with our animations please check out our Second Life store. Second Life is a virtual world built with the RAGE engine. We have created a lot of adult-oriented products with our motion captured animations that people all over the virtual world of Second Life use daily! We sell them on our Second Life Marketplace Store where they are combined with different types of furniture:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio furniture
  • Camping equipment

If you wish to use our motion captured animations with the free Blender software program, please read our blog post by MocapRobin here.

In it Robin gives several tips and tricks that will allow you to start creating your own Blender animations. Thing like rigging a skeleton will be discussed, how Blender animations can be used in your own business in for instance Second Life, and more!


Our adult superpack features 15 erotic animations!

  1. Foursome Facial
  2. Spanking
  3. Forced Doggy
  4. Floor Pounding
  5. Wall Fuck
  6. Sex Desk
  7. Sex Rack
  8. Clit + Titty Rub
  9. Female Masturbation
  10. Rough Sex
  11. Dancing Fuck
  12. Punching Blowjob
  13. From Behind
  14. Deepthroat + Gagging
  15. From Behind

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