Blender 3d animation

Motion captured Blender 3d animation(s) that you can use in your own creations and virtual worlds!

Our motion captured animations come in the fbx and bvh file format. Blender is ideally suited to use FBX animations!

What is Blender?

Blender is a free to use 3d animation program. Blender enables the creation of elaborate scenes and animations for videogames and animated clips.

Can I use .bvh animations with Blender?

Blender supports a wide arrange of animations formats including our beloved .bvh! For a complete range of Blender supported formats you can check out the table provided by Blenderbasecamp here.

Start making and editing Blender 3d animations

Hopefully you’ve installed Blender by now if not, click here and get it! Youtube is full of handy tutorial videos that can help you get a running start on creating and editing your own animations. It’s always easier to start out with an existing animation and try to modify that. If you’re starting from scratch a lot of different aspects will need to be mastered first, such as rigging an avatars’ bones for the corresponding animation format.

Each animation format uses similair albeit slightly different names and bones in its format.

A good video to get started with Blender 3d animations is this one by Chipper videos. His page features many more videos that can help you make your own animations. Rigging, importing and exporting and more. Get diffeomorphic from Chipper videos here.

If you wish to make your animations SL compatible, please jump to the next paragraph!

Try your first 3d

animation for free

Now that you’ve read up on how to start making animations work for Blender, try your first one for free! Get our freebie animations in the store and try and import it in your Blender project.

Be sure to use the correct ”rigs” or ”skeletons”. You have to combine the .bvh animation to a skeleton to see it in action. Check out the Avatar Workbench for the correct skeletons for Second Life. If you want to use the animations for your own creation or game, you can make your own rig or import a rig from the game’s creator website or virtual world you’re planning on using!

Our 3d animations in action

To see what you can do with our animations please check out our Second Life store. Second Life is a virtual world built with the RAGE engine. We have created a lot of adult-oriented products with our motion captured animations that people all over the virtual world of Second Life use daily! We sell them on our Second Life Marketplace Store where they are combined with different types of furniture:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio furniture
  • Camping equipment

Our animations are also featured in Heads-Up-Displays. This enables the gamers to use are animations by simply pressing buttons on there interface. If you’d like to know more about making a HUD in Second Life, check out our HUD post!

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