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Animasi yoga 3d
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Practice your first yoga 3d animation for free with Robin’s tutorial

You want to practice your animation skills and learn how to get zen in the virtual world? Grab our free animasi 3d yoga and join me in this tutorial! Don’t have time? These are the bullet points:

  • Download Bvhacker
  • Import your yoga animation to bvhacker
  • Edit your animation (cut, crop & save)
    • Optional: import into Second Life
    • Monetize on the Second Life Marketplace

Berlangganan buletin kami dan dapatkan kiat, trik, dan hadiah!

Lihat toko kami untuk beberapa animasi menyenangkan dan (dewasa) yang bisa Anda gunakan dan hasilkan di SL!

Step one: download bvhacker

Go to and download the program, it’s free (but feel free to donate if you  to support the program and its’ team).

Once you’ve downloaded and installed bvhacker it’s off to step two! If you haven’t grabbed the animation from our store yet, please do!

Step two: import our yoga 3d animation in bvhacker

To import our yoga 3d animation open bvhacker first unpack the animation. It’s downloaded in a zip file (, I use winrar to unzip them.

Place the file in a folder you want, i’ve placed it on my desktop for convience sake. Selecting ”extract here” will then place the folder containing the usable yoga 3d animation on my desktop in the corresponding folder name (yogapose).

unzip yoga 3d animation

Now you can open BVHacker and use file -> open -> yogapose -> yoga



open yoga 3d animation in bvhacker

Voilá! Your yoga 3d animation is now loaded in bvhacker!

Pressing the play button will start the animation. You will see the skeleton or ”rig” start the yoga animation routine! On the left side of the screen the bone structure or ”rig” is visible. This one is set for the virtual world of Second Life. So this animation can be readily uploaded into Second Life and be used by its users to practice some yoga!

yoga 3d animation loaded in bvhacker

Step three: editing your yoga 3d animation

Now that you’ve settled, you can start editing your free mocap animation! If you’ve pressed play you might have noticed that the animation sequence (the entire length of the animation) contains almost 3700 frames. Each frame is a position of the ”rig” or skeleton. So in frame 1 the arms are wide, in frame 2 a little lower, and in frame 300. You can play around a bit with the slider to check all the different positions this animation sequence has, there are quite a few!

animation editing

Cutting your animations

You might want to cut up the different yoga poses in several distinct animations for processing purposes. If you want to make a heads-up-display in Second Life for example, you might want to give users the option to use each animation seperately and not have to wait for the whole sequence to play out each time they press a button in your HUD! (You can learn more about making HUDs in Second Life in ini blog post).

So, frame 300 is a distinct yoga pose. Sliding over to frame 1350 we might see another pose that we would like to import seperately.

Look closely at the bottom right to see four distinct buttons:

cutting tool bvh

Use the mark in button to  mark the first frame you wish to use in your new animation and as you’ve might have guessed: mark out for the last frame of the animation you wish to isolate from the animation sequence.

After you’ve marked both frames the buttons will show the frames you’ve selected. Now select crop et voilá, your animation is now isolated!

Remember to save it, and save it under a new name! or else the master animation will be overwritten!

Import your animations into Second Life

Now that you’ve got your collection of yoga animations it’s time to import them into Second Life and let the people rejoice in your quest for virtual relaxation and mindfulness!

By now I’m assuming you’ve download the Second Life client and installed the game, set up your avatar and basically have done the whole nine yards so let’s get straight to importing!

Importing bvh animations into Second Life

Importing stuff into Second Life carries a fee of L$10 (which amounts to about USD$ 0.05).

Once you’ve logged in, gotten your L$10, hit build -> upload -> animation.

Select the animation from your folder (remember, Second Life only accepts animations in the .bvh file format!) and you will see this screen:

second life bvh animation import screen

You can rename your animation, describe it and set a priority.

Priority is used to indicate if your animation should override other animations. Now don’t just select the highest priority, you might want your avatar not to stay in a yoga position when your partner wants a hug for example! First read up on animation priority di sini.

If you want the animation to play out indefinately (you have to manually stop it) just check loop box.

Set the hand pose you’d like and the gesture you want the face to make, hit preview and when it’s all good hit upload.

Finished! The animation is now in your inventory and you have all creative control!

bvh animation in Second Life inventory

Using and monetizing your animation in Second Life

If you want to use and monetize your animation in Second Life you can make items that others can buy on the Second Life Marketplace. Integrate your animations in a HUD for example and let your customers relax and come to their senses anywhere with your HUD. For more tips and tricks on how to do that, please read our blog post on HUD making di sini!

Have fun animating!



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