Mocap Sex Sale!

bvh mocap sex animation
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Mocap sex sale

Our mocap sex animation ”Rape Rack” is on sale from €4.99 to €1 untill the 15th of July!

It features two mocap sex animations in the .bvh file format!

Click here to purchase the animation!

Rape Rack Mocap Sex Animations Set!

This full perm mocap sex animations set lets you fuck your victim while being stuck in the rack! 

Spice up your own creations in any game or virtual world with this animation set!

See, Try & Buy

Try inworld in Second Life here!

See & buy on the Market Place here!

mocap sex animation

Terms and conditions

By Buying and Using this product you agree to the following conditions:

1. Do not resell as-is, use it in your own creations in your owns worlds. 
2. Do not resell full permission, either modify/copy or modify/transfer in virtual or online marketplaces such as the Second Life marketplace or resell the .BVH files.
3.The animations are designed for fantasy/roleplaying scenario’s and do not have any basis, role or function in reality!

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