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3d Motion Captured Fighting Animations in action!

At bvhanimations.com we’re not limited to purely explicit adult animations…(although we specialize in that *winks*). We have some cool fighting animations too.

In this blog we’d like to showcase two of our fighting animations on video. Please keep reading, because there’s a little animation gift for you at the end!

Sword fighting animations with Joey

Motion captured 3d sword fighting animation in .bvh file format. Used in İkinci Yaşam

Our first animation set we’d like to showcase is our Sword Fighting Pack!

Our lovely assistant Joey can be seen testing it out in the virtual world of Second Life. In Second Life we sell our Sword Fighting animations combined in a HUD!

A HUD, or heads-up-display, allows the buyer to use our animations with the highest level of convience! With a HUD the customer simply right-clicks the HUD, wears it, and whenever he want to hit, kick or slice an enemy, they simply press a button on the hud!

If you’d like to learn how to combine animations in a HUD in Second Life, please read our blog about HUD making!

3D Martial Arts Animations with Joey

Motion captured Martial Arts Fighting Animation in action

The next animation we’d like to show you is our Martial Arts Pack!

This animation set is also integrated in a HUD. Simply press the buttons and start kickin’ ass!

Are you fired up yet? We have a small surprise for you in the next chapter!

Start making your own fighting hud!

Now that you’ve seen Joey working out and kicking ass, it’s time to start making your own fighting hud! These are the three things you need to do!

Once you’ve followed these steps, you can get building and start using and selling your own HUDs!

Thank you for reading, and the best of luck!


Regularly check out our shop and blog for more animations, tips and tricks on creating and integrating your animations in other virtual worlds and games!

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