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Pull up fitness .bvh animation

pull up .bvh animation

Keep your avatar looking fit as well with this playground pullup animation

The animation is set to a loop so your avatar will work untill their muscles get sore!
Ideal starter animation to set up in your (home/garage) gym.

How to set up the gym rack and animation

Unpack the box at your land, make sure you have rights to rezz! (check if you need to set the objects to group and if you’re wearing the correct group tag!)

Drag and drop the ”playground pullup” on the ground

2. Drag and drop ”connector left” and ”connector right” on the ground and place them on top of the rack

3. Wear the included cuffs by right clicking them in your inventory and selecting wear

4. connect your cuffs to the connector by clicking your left cuff and select ”object -> connector left” for the left cuff and click the right cuff and select ”object -> connector right” for the right cuff!

5. get your protein shake ready!

Gör, Dene ve Satın Al

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The animation sequence:

The following images show the animation sequence with working cuffs:

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