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3D Soccer animation, motion captured

This 3d soccer animation features four motion captured animations. The animations include passing and goal kicking and are ideal for photography purposes.

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애니메이션 시퀀스

This pack contains four soccer animations.

  • quick kick animation
  • slow kick animation
  • quick pass animation
  • slow pass animation

Our sets are animations that can be easily used via the hud, no poseballs or rezzing of items is required! Check our marketplace store at Second Life to get our full-rights HUD (Heads-up-display) in-world!

기타 3D BVH 애니메이션

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All our animations are listed on the Second Life (SL) Marketplace. The animations are full-rights. That means you can copy and resell them in SL. You cannot however, export the animation. If you wish to use this animation in other virtual worlds or software programmes, please purchase the bvh animation files.

Disclaimer relating to our 3d soccer animation

By Buying and Using this 3d animation product you agree to the following terms and conditions:

1. Do not resell this 3d bvh animation set but use it as-is, use it in your own creations.
2. Do not resell this 3d bvh animation set in Second Life full permission, either modify/copy or modify/transfer