3D Sensual Dance Animations




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3D Sensual Dance Animations

3d sensual dance animations

3D Ballet animations featuring the ”Arabesque” pose. This animation is ideal for photographic purposes. It features three motion captured sequences. You can use the animation in Second Life or other games or software applications and can edit it to your liking.

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Try the bvh ballet animation at our inworld store qui!

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Our Second Life version comes with a Heads Up Display or: HUD. You simply buy the HUD from our marketplace store -> right click it in your inventory and select wear it and you’re good to go!

Per ulteriori informazioni su come creare huds liberi da pose che ti permettono di usare le tue animazioni ovunque, controlla il nostro blog per suggerimenti e script!

The 3d ballet animations sequences

Questo pacchetto contiene tre animazioni di balletto arabescato

Animations that can be easily used via the hud, no poseballs or rezzing of other objects and scripts is required!

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Danza in stile russo

Lavaggio completo del corpo

If you purchase our items in Second Life with full permissions remember: you cannot export the animations out of Second Life and use them elsewhere! If you wish to use the animations in other virtual worlds or software applications such as Blender, Unity 3D or Unreal: please purchase the bvh animations files from the shop.

Disclaimer relating to our 3d ballet animations

By buying and using this product you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions:

1. Do not resell this bvh animation set as-is but rather use it in your own creations.
2. Do not resell this bvh animation set with full permission in for example Second Life and its marketplace. Set restrictions for this animation or items containing the animations to either modify/copy or modify/transfer