Tire Jump Workout & Fitness Animation



Tire jump workout animation. Keep your online avatar fit as well with this fitness animation


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Tire Jump Workout & Fitness Animation

Keep your avatar looking fit as well with this tire jump workout animation!

fitness animation

What is the animation?

The animation is set to a loop so your avatar will jump the tires untill their muscles get sore!
Ideal starter animation to set up in your (home/garage) gym.

देखें, कोशिश करें और खरीदें

सेकेंड लाइफ में एनिमेशन सेट करके देखें यहां!

सेकेंड लाइफ मार्केटप्लेस पर देखें और खरीदें यहां!

The animation sequence:

The following images show the animation sequence, start, jump, stand, jump, stand, jump, turn, jump.

fitness animation

As female:

workout animation

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