Masterbaters: automatic, electric or handpowered male strokers

Masterbaters are pre-eminently erotic toys developed for men’s pleasure. The market for sex toys for men is growing and is increasingly open to a wider audience. Therefore, in this article we will tell you all about this device.

What should you look for when buying?

You may think that all masterbaters are the same because they all revolve around the sensation of penetration. However, there are indeed major differences between different masterbaters. These differences can make a masterbator a better or worse fit for what turns you on. Therefore, we have compiled some buying criteria below. Using these, you can determine which type of masterbator suits you best.

  • Material
  • Openings
  • Vibration
  • Hygiene


Most types of masterbator are developed, to come as close as possible to the fine natural feeling. Therefore, they are made of soft and elastic materials, which promise you intense pleasure. When choosing your masterbator, keep in mind any sensitivities and your skin type. Check that the toy does not contain phthalates and plasticizers, or latex if you are sensitive to them.

The material is important because it can affect your health and especially your sexual health. The price of the masterbator is often related to the material it is made of. When choosing the material, the manufacturer has considered the sensation, appearance, durability, shape and hygiene of the toy. Get the best possible information about this.

When it comes to material selection, we recommend that you choose a sex toy made of safe medical silicone or TPR/TPE rubber. In fact, silicone is tolerated through the skin by most individuals. Latex is also safe, except for those with latex allergies. PVC and gelatin can be dangerous to humans because they contain toxins. Also because these materials are more difficult to keep clean.


The visual aspect to a masterbator is important because it can increase sexual pleasure. After all, for many men, we don’t just get aroused by what we feel. What we see also plays a key role in our arousal. Visual stimuli are very important for male sex life. That’s why there are so many designs in masterbaters, because so many men, so many preferences.

Usually the openings in a masterbator are made to resemble a mouth, vagina or anus. But there are also masterbaters with a more neutral design, for men who find this just a turn off.


Few sex toys for men vibrate, but they are out there. To add extra stimulation, or mimic a certain sensation, such as licking, sucking or stroking. Some masterbaters also have a vibration function on them, sometimes even with various intensities. You control the vibrating function with a knob or slider, but you can often turn it off if you don’t like the shivering.

A number of masterbaters in the selection contain a vibration function that mimics the blowjob sensation. The same goes for cock rings. The vibration function on a masterbator is there to further increase sexual pleasure and to reach your climax faster.


When it comes to sex toys, it’s best not to ignore the hygiene aspect. After all, they are in contact with the most sensitive parts of your body and that of your partner. Poor hygiene can ruin your health. Whether you can easily clean a sex toy also depends on the material. Therefore, check beforehand whether the masterbator is made of porous material or not and, if so, which cleaning agent you can use for it. Most manuals are clear about hygiene and keeping your masterbator clean.

Not only your health, but also the durability of your pleasure toy depends on how well you can keep it clean. We recommend that you do not use harsh detergents on your masterbator. Nor alcohol or acetone, because these can affect the material. Rather, choose a mild soap. There are also special cleaning products available for sex toys. These are mild for the skin and for the material of your masterbator. This way you can enjoy your toy for a long time to come.

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