Free 3d Dragon Model for Second Life




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Free 3d .dae Dragon Model for Second Life

This 3d Dragon Model was used to create this dragon in Second Life:

free 3d models for second life

free 3d dragon model in second life

This Dragon Statue is fully modable, its’ prim load will depend on the size you make it: sim wide will be a lot of prims (2400+) but a small statue will max out at 30 prims or so.

With the .dae 3d model you can edit your Dragon with programmes such as Blender.

Example of uploading the 3d model into Second Life

When you download the .rar file and unpack it, you can upload it into Second Life:

3d model gif

What are the advantages of uploading it yourself?

The advantages are numerous! The three most import are:

  1. You will be listed as the creator of said item, so when people check out the item; your name pops up! increasing traffic to your profile.
  2. You can edit it with other software programmes outside of Second Life
  3. You can use this item to hone your 3d modeling skills!


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