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adult webcam, cam and regular videos made by the Handjob Hotel members.

Watch, chat and socialize at the Handjob Hotel!

Our members and staff keep the Handjob Hotel website and inworld cinema a top adult meeting point. Come and visit our website to browse adult videos and animations, and join our Discord channel to meet up and chat!

Our inworld location allows you to watch adult movies in our large screen cinema and socialize together with other people!

Make sure to regularly check our website for new videos and special offerings.

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The Handjob Hotel has a large group (over 7,000 members!) in the virtual world.

To continue our presence in the metaverse, we sell all kinds of adult-themed items and videos; ranging from erotic furniture to webcam videos made by our members!

You can however, choose to simply donate! Check out the teams page to meet our team and make a donation!

Our team

The Handjob Hotel core team consists of Sasha, Val, Aleksandra & Joey. Together they keep the HJH flowing nicely and monitor the virtual location as well as our Discord server.

Join us now and chat with over 7,000 likeminded people, watch films together and start socializing!

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