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Free 3d high heels Collada model for Second Life

Get this free high heels .dae model for Second Life (and other virtual worlds!)


  • 2646 triangles / 2230 vertices on HIGH
  • 882 triangles / 1013 vertices on MEDIUM
  • 31 triangles / 15 vertices on LOW

Use this mesh object to upload your own heels to Second Life!

Advantages of using the original file

The advantages are numerous! The three most import are:

  1. You will be listed as the creator of said item, so when people check out the item; your name pops up! increasing traffic to your profile.
  2. You can edit it with other software programmes outside of Second Life
  3. You can use this item to hone your 3d modeling skills!

Uploading the model into Second Life

To upload the model into Second Life follow these steps:

  1. Download the heels.rar file from our website
  2. Unpack the .rar file and be sure to place both .dae files (left ánd right heel!) on your pc.
  3. 세컨드 라이프에 로그인
  4. Go to the top bar of your viewer and select ”build” > ”upload” > ”model”.
  5. Upload the left heel > ”calculate weights and fee” > ”upload”
  6. Modify your heels!

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