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deuxième vie sexuelle
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Second Life Sex Toys

So you’ve purchased a new sex sofa, rideable jetski, motorcycle ou car and have trouble using it correctly? Read this tutorial and you’ll get sorted in no time!

Marketplace and inworld

Second Life Sex Toys can be purchased on Second Life’s marketplace, a web based platform that allows you to browse different categories of items from avatar accesoires to home decorating items and scripted business solutions such as advertising boards (be sure to visit ours too ;-)). Purchasing items via the marketplace usually allows you to have your purchase redeliverd if you have lost it for example! The downside is that not every vendor on the marketplace has an inworld store where you can see and try out the product for yourself. You’ll just have to trust your gut and the user reviews!

second life marketplace store

This is a view of our marketplace store with several categories of items on the left and price categories!

Purchasing items from an inworld location give you the possibility to see and try out the product before you buy it! A downside is that you won’t be able to have an automatic redelivery if you’ve lost the item, you’d have to contact the creator (for our toys it’s me: trebbort subagja!) to receive a replacement, which takes a little bit more time.

deuxième vie sexuelle

second life sex toysSome shots of our inworld store

Purchase, delivery & usage


Once you’ve purchased your items via the Marketplace or an inworld store the fun can almost start! After checking out your items via the Marketplace it asks you to verify your purchase twice: once via the orange buy now or add to cart button:

second life marketplace buy

and again via the blue buy now button:

Second Life Sex

I myself regularly forget the second screen, wondering why it is taking so long for my purchase to arrive, only to find this screen still on!


If you’ve bought the item inworld via right click > buy the item will immediatly be transferred to your inventory under the name of the item:

seconde vie

Now, if you’ve purchased the item via the Marketplace, the item can also be found a bit quicker by checking your ”received items” list:

inventory list


Now, having finally received your purchase it is time to rezz and use it!

For an object such as our sex sofa to be used properly there are two requirements:

  1. You must have permission to load (also called rezzing) the item on the land where you wish to use it.
  2. You must have permission to run scripts on the land where you wish to use it.

To check if you fit both the requirements please look to the top search bar of your viewer (the one which states the name of the place you’re currently visiting) and press the i button.

second life information

Once you’ve pressed i you should see the information on the land. Press the ”about land” button and hit ”options”:

second life land

Now you can see if you fit the two requirements necessary to enjoy your sex sofa!

If ”build” and ”run scripts” are set to anyone: you can freely enjoy your purchase!

second life land rights

If they are set to ”group” you need to join the group that owns the land: How do you know which group you have to join? Click the ”General” tab and look at the land owner:

land owned

Now you now which group you have to join. Once joined you can rezz your items and use them!

So: if you’ve rented a home and have trouble rezzing or using your item, click the about land tab and see if you have the ”build” and ”run scripts” rights and are part of the correct group. If not you can contact your landlord and have them set you up correctly!

Sofa’s, jetski’s, bikes and cars: sitting, driving or lovin’

Many of our items can also be seated on without using the ”adult menu” or simply used for driving, sailing and boating. To use the items in this way simply rezz it on the land and right click the items instead of left clicking it. The right click will give you the option to simply sit on or ride the item while the left click immediatly opens the adult menu.

Check our jetski for example: by left clicking the backside the adult menu will pop-up, and by right clicking it you will be able to jetski on the water!



Our sofa with right click sitting:

sit on sofa

And left click love menu:

sex compilation

Enjoy your virtual romances!





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