Sex animations for use with Unreal engine

unreal sex animations
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How to use sex animations in the Unreal engine.

Congrats on starting on your own game! You’re here because you’re probably making a naughty one. You can use our sex animations in your unreal engine based-game to give it that erotic edge.

Our Mocap sex animation in action in Second Life

What is the Unreal engine?

The Unreal engine is a gaming engine that enables creators all over the world to realize their own virtual worlds and games. It’s free to use up to sales of $1,000,000. After that you will start to pay a commission. This used to be 5% of sales per quarter.

Can I use .bvh animations with the Unreal engine?

Bvh sex animations cannot be uploaded in the Unreal engine directly.  The standard formats the Unreal engine accepts are .fbx and .obj so you will have to convert the .bvh files with a 3rd party program first.

.BVH to .FBX Conversion

There are several programs that allow conversion of .bvh animation formats to .fbx. Most of them are paid. Blender is a free alternative that has a large user community that can help you convert your .bvh animations to .fbx.

Most conversions do require some form of renaming and retargeting the ”bones” of your animation to the .fbx format.

An interesting video i’ve found that succesfully retargets .bvh animations to .fbx is this one. It uses the paid iClone 7 program, but you can try that program out with a free trail. Try it and let me know if it works!

Try your first sex animation for free

Now that you’ve read up on how to start making animations work for the Unreal engine, try your first one for free! Get our freebie rough sex animation here and try and import it in your Unreal project.

If you’ve worked it all out and you’re ready for more… try our sex animation super pack! It features all of our sex animations at a big discount.

The complete pack features 15 motion captured sex animations.

Our sex animations in action

To see what you can do with our animations please check out our Second Life store. Second Life is a virtual world built with the RAGE engine. We have created a lot of adult-oriented products with our motion captured animations that people all over the virtual world of Second Life use daily! We sell them on our Second Life Marketplace Store where they are combined with different types of furniture:

  • Bathrooms
  • Living rooms
  • Bedrooms
  • Patio furniture
  • Camping equipment

Our animations are also featured in Heads-Up-Displays. This enables the gamers to use are animations by simply pressing buttons on there interface. If you’d like to know more about making a HUD in Second Life, check out our HUD post!

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Robin has extensive experience in adult-oriented virtual worlds and videogames and dabbles in a little (adult) mocapping herself from time to time.

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